Swimming in Bengal – Collective Elephant



For the last few years Tony Passarell has been talking about recording an album with a stacked line-up of guest players.  We finally got around to just that.  Joining Passarell (saxophone/percussion) and core members Jed Brewer (gourd guitar) and Rusi Gustafson (percussion) were Amy Reed (voice, percussion), Keith Cary (cello, effects), Heath Poskin (acoustic bass), Linda Michelle Hardy (Native American flutes, whistles, hulusi, percussion), and Alan Ernst (harmonium, flute). We had a blast and Greg Hain beautifully recorded and mixed the improvisations.


For several reasons this recording is extra special for us.  We’re proud of how it came out and want to share it far and wide.  This is the only Swimming in Bengal release that is currently available on iTunes, Apple, Spotify, etc.  If you prefer downloading, we urge you to go through our Bandcamp site.  Ye olde compact discs are available at Lather Records.



Get the Elephant Collective CD or download at Bengal’s Bandcamp

Get Elephant Collective at iTunes

Copies of the Garden of Idle Hands vinyl LP can still be had at Baggage Claim Records

Swimming in Bengal official site.



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A CoOp label for myself and my friends.
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