November Updates


Hello there – just a quick update on a hodge podge of thingies.  Swimming in Bengal is playing the Makeout Room in San Francisco on Nov. 25.  It’s our first date since releasing Collective Elephant.  You can read the backstory on the recent album here.  It has received some nice reviews from Underscore, The Fragmented Flaneur, Record Crates United, and Snooping the Bandcamp.


Another recent release is the bonkers 12″ lathe recording with Jon Bafus and Jon Raskin.  The super limited edition records are gone, but you can still get the less sexy, yet functional download at Bandcamp.




I have been wanting to try and do a true San Kazakgascar drone piece.  I recently asked some friends to join me for this effort and found a nice frequency of “A” to burrow into.  You know it’s going to be a fun set when the guest drummer lugs a half-stack onto stage so he can also hold down a drone note on a keyboard.  I’m interested in trying to expand on this.


SKazagascar 10-14-19-33

Photo by Dennis Scott



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A CoOp label for myself and my friends.
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