Hot Kazakgascar Nights


As you all know, I try to pack in more music mischief during my summers off.  The above poster shows where I’ll be playing this summer.  San Kazakgascar has become more of a free-flowing collective of players and I actually had to make a Google doc just to keep track of who was playing with me at each date.  I’m excited about all the different people who have agreed to get noisy with me.  I’m making more of an effort to play with women again and have found some willing souls in Rachel Freund, Amy Reed, Shiela Bosco, and Colleen Kelly.  Also in the mix are some dudes I really admire  – Jeff Tobias (of Sunwatchers) and Ethan Port (of Savage Republic).

Speaking of Ethan Port, we recently started a new group together along with Shiela Bosco and Brian Lucas.  It’s in the very early stages, but so far it’s clicking nicely.  More on that later.  This summer we’re also going to release the new Swimming in Bengal recording that we did with five other guest musicians.  Greg Hain really did a great job and capturing our improvisations and mixing it.  Stay tuned!
Another recording that I’m going to get out to the universe is a wacko duo session I did with drummer Jon Bafus.  I’m going to dabble in the world of lathe-cut records on this.  You’ve been warned.

San Kazakgascar and Swimming in Bengal recordings are available at : Lather Records Bandcamp


All of my shows are electric this summer, but here is an acoustic clip from last August at the Community Forest in Arcata:

About latherrecords

A CoOp label for myself and my friends.
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