Winter 2020 Updates


Hello friends.  Here is the latest from your gray-wave friends in the world of obscure music:


We have some good developments in the Peoples Republic of Kazakgascar.  I have just released a super-duper limited-edition lathe-cut 7″ (check that bloody art above, bloke).  “Scar Tissue” b/w “Ghost Malls” is culled from a Jed Brewer/Jeff Tobias duo set.  I did a lot of different collaborations this past year, and this is a little document of one of them. Jeff is with the band Sunwatchers.  There is a download option, as well.

But that’s not all.  We are currently working on a new album with brand new drummer Anthony Occipinti and a full crew of players that includes Linda Hardy, Rachel Freund, Matt Kretzman, Chris Hall, Colleen Kelly, Jaroba James, and of course, Greg and Jed.  Lots of peaks and valleys happening on it and we look forward to slinging it out to the world in late spring.  Working album title is Emotional Crevasse.




Recording such an emotional crevasse.



Bengal has a couple of upcoming shows that will include a wide assortment of guest players, just like on their latest recording Collective Elephant.  Dates and stuff:

Mar. 15 – Winters at The Palms Playhouse

Apr. 18 – Davis at UC Davis Picnic Day



Sean and Todd have an acoustic group called Cycle of Birds.  Sean recently told us that he had a batch of songs that were more suited for Harvester, so we got together and started working on them.  We have no predictions on when a new recording might materialize, but it’s exciting to have some new music to work on.  There might be a few live dates in the next year.  We’ll see.  A couple of months ago, I put most of the Harvester catalog up on Bandcamp for your downloading delight.  Fill up your phone with some of your long- lost favorite Harvester nugs.


Harvester Bandcamp



Shopping Sean.


The bonkers Bafus/Brewer/Raskin lathe-cut 12″ is sold out, but you can get the digital version here.

In January, I was honored to be included in the big SMF Gathering improvisation ensemble’s fundraiser for the Sacramento Children’s Home.  Check it out below:




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