Dream Bill: 11-11-11

Well, maybe not quite a dream bill.  That would have to include the likes of Sonic Youth, The Beatles, and probably Led Zeppelin.  What we do have going is a damn fine bill.  It’s an eclectic gathering of five Northern California bands: Dreamdate, The Moore Bros., Greg Ashley, San Kazakgascar, and Brian Glaze.  Did you say five bands?  Yes, but don’t sweat it as we’ll be sharing gear and playing short sets.  Friday, November 11 (Veteran’s Day) at Luigi’s Fungarden in Sacramento.  8:30pm.  Only $6.

Dreamdate reminds somewhat of Barbara Manning’s SF Seals at their peak.  Good songs, sugary harmonies, and apparently now, a Sacramento-based drummer for these Bay Area lady folk.  See another full electric live video here.  I’ve seen and played shows with the Moore Bros. a few times over the years and love them!  My lazy side wants to compare them to Simon and Garfunkel, but they’re more esoteric than that.  I feel like this shittiest singer in the world after hearing these awesome bros harmonize together.  Check out the clip of them singing in a cathedral in Frankfurt below.

I’ve heard great things about Gris GrisGreg Ashley’s beautifully dark guitar playing.  Sounds like my dreamdate.  I don’t know much about Gris Gris collaborator Brian Glaze, but it seems he mines a similar vein of weird folk.

San Kazakgascar will be playing its first show in three months.  In addition to some new songs we’re dusting off a few old ones that have been spiced up.  Reign of Yans!!

To get in the Ashley zone, check out the live clip above…  If you like, here’s the Facebook invite.    Also, new San Kazakgascar Facebook Page.

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