Autumn Pieces Pile Up

I haven’t posted anything in awhile, but thought it would be fun to scatter-shoot a bunch of little items.  Of course, self-promotion is job one, so it would be odd not to remind you that the Summer Sale offer is still good!  Do any of my web-design friends want to give the Lather Records website a face-lift?  Most of the content would stay, but the main design hasn’t changed in over 15 years and could use a little something different.  Let me know… Big thanks to Justin Zimmerman for creating the Lather page for me way back when.

What else…?  I met with Sean recently to discuss possible song orders and to hopefully get the last few overdubs done on the long-simmering Harvester album, Mt. Tallac. (Potential album cover photo above)  You can listen to “The Harbor Master’s Boat” below.  It’s one of the songs that is finished.

We’re not sure when it will be completely done, but you can keep up to date via the newish Harvester Facebook pageJon Sebat moved back to the West Coast last year and will be able to rejoin us on the drums when we finally play out again!  In the meantime, Sean has an Envelope Peasant show at Bustolini’s in Chico on October 8.

San Kazakgascar at Chavez Park.

San Kazakgascar is laying low for the next couple of months so I can get my daddy bearings.  We have some new songs cooking and The Hain is going to do some home-recording for us at some point.  We put both of our proper albums up for download at Bandcamp recently.   While you’re there, you can also check out the free download/stream of Swimming in Bengal.  Back in April while I was in Portland, I made a little improv. noise with Derek Monypeny.  My favorite of the drone turn skronk jams is below:

I heard a few new albums this summer, some of which I picked up at the excellent Phono Select.  The Sun City Girls‘ final album, Funeral Mariachi, got a lot of spins.  It’s kind of silly and haunting at the same time, which sums up SCG for me.  Locally, Teddy Briggs (as Appetite), is making some of the most ambitious pop music in Sacto via his new album Scattered, Smothered, Covered.  Plus, anyone who puts bacon on the front of their album gets my attention.  Forever Goldrush finally released The Amador Frequency after it sat in the vaults for years.  It’s good, but I’m still partial to their excellent first album Unknown Territory.  Bummed that I missed their show while Josh Lacey was in town.

Other albums that I lived with this summer old and new were the Avett Brothers Emotionalism, Tall Dwarves 3 EPs, Ethiopiques Vol. 24, Leonard Cohen Songs Of…, Jack Rose Luck in the Valley, and Guided by Voices Alien Lanes.  The Lemmy documentary was pretty great.

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2 Responses to Autumn Pieces Pile Up

  1. disgruntled says:

    why do band photos of gigs always leave out the drummer?

  2. Wow, that sounds really winy when it comes from the drummer. I believe the official SKaz live page features the drummer prominently in its only photo.

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