Bye Bye, Bengal

After a decade +, Swimming in Bengal is calling it a day. No big fist fight over the mountains of royalty cash the band has made, or anything like that. We just felt that we had run our course, musically. We are still making music in our other groups, but our last appearance as Swimming in Bengal will be on Valentines Day at Luna’s Cafe in Sacramento. (see poster above)

I am grateful to Tony for asking me to start this band and push me into the improvised zone and challenge me. Finally being in a band with old buddy, Rusi, has also been a gift. Playing with our first percussionist, Alex Jenkins, was a thrill, not to mention all of the wonderful guest players who collaborated with us for shows and recordings. A big hug to all of you.

Thanks to the folks who released out music – Baggage Claim Records, Lugubrious Audio, J&C Tapes, and Gold Lion Records. Because of Covid, we only played a couple of shows since our ensemble recording, Collective Elephant. Please check it out, along with the other discography links below. We have some other stuff recorded that we may or may not release. We’ll see. Thank you.

Volume I on Lather Records (2014)
Insomnia Village on J&C Tapes (2015)
Ashes For Gwynn (Live) on Lather Records (2015)
Garden of Idle Hands on Baggage Claim (vinyl LP) & Lugubrious Audio (cassette) (2016)
Deeper Deeper on Lather Records (CD) and Lugubrious Audio (cassette) (2018)
Collective Elephant on Lather Records (2019)
Hot Gold Lion Nights Gold Lion Records (2021)

Compilation Tracks
“The Twisted Manzanita” – J&C SamplerJ&C Tapes
“Choking on the Ashes” – Devil’s Triangle: Vol 21KFJC

Photo by Russ Tucker

Official Swimming in Bengal Home

Collective Elephant Review at Underscore

Garden of Idle Hands Review at Raven Sings the Blues

About latherrecords

A CoOp label for myself and my friends.
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