Bishop, Millis, & Bengal – April 29


Swimming in Bengal opens a great show for Sir Richard Bishop and Robert Millis at Shine in Sacramento on April 29.  It starts at 8pm sharp and is $10. More info at Facebook. Bishop is on tour in support of his new album, Tangier Sessions, on Drag City Records.  Yes, the album was recorded in Tangier, Morocco, on a special guitar he bought while in Geneva.  He talks about it in this interview.  Bishop is most known for his sprawling work in experimental legends Sun City Girls.  In recent years most of his records have been acoustic, semi-improvised Eastern flavored deals.  We’re excited to have him back in Sacramento.  Listen to a song of the new album below.

Robert Millis of Golden Climax Twins is touring with Bishop.  He has experimented with soundscapes that are all over the place and there’s no telling what flavor he’ll bring to this show.  I think he may be bringing a guitar, but that’s no guarantee that he’ll behave himself.  Here is a clip to ponder:

Swimming in Bengal has a new recording out on J & C Tapes (UK) called Insomnia Village.  We might even have a few copies on hand at the show, who knows?  Read a write up on it at The Quietus.  We recently pressed up another batch of Vol. 1, so we’ll for sure have those ready.  The News & Review recently did an interview with us that you can read here.

More new SRB:

Some recent coverage of Sir Richard Bishop at Pitchfork, Vice, and Premier Guitar.

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