Bengal at Phono


Swimming in Bengal is playing at Phono Select Records‘ “Phono Funday” new location party this Saturday, May 20.  The event takes place between 4-7pm and we’ll be joined by the Krebtones and Trinidad Silva.  It’s family-friendly and there will be snacks, drinks, and a raffle.  The new location is at 2475 Fruitridge in Sacramento.  More details at Facebook.  We’re excited to be a part of Dal’s new shop (re) opening.  See you there.

A clip from Bengal’s set a few weeks ago:


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Swimming in Bengal is excited to play with Sir Richard Bishop again.  It goes down on May 1 at Gold Lion Arts in Sacramento.  Also on the bill is way out guitarist Bill Orcutt.  This show is an Outsound Presents deal, all ages, and starts early at 7:00 pm.  You can front-load at Masullo down the block.  More details at Facebook.

Bishop will be playing solo electric on this tour, as opposed to acoustic like when we had him in Sacramento a couple of years ago.  In fact, this will be the first show of his US tour, so he’ll be fresh with new strings, a fresh shave, the whole deal!  He doesn’t have a new album out that I’m aware of, but my guess is there will be some Tangier Session stuff and maybe an old Sun City Girls chestnut if we grovel enough.

Bill Orcutt hasn’t played in Sacramento in awhile, but his playing always challenges our brains as to what guitar playing is supposed to sound like.  I don’t have a clever description, so you are spared.

Swimming in Bengal will have copies of our latest LP, Garden of Idle Hands, on hand(s).  Check out this nice write up the album got in Dusted.  We’ll be playing some Bay Area and Northwest shows in the next few months.

Swimming in Bengal’s latest LP available at Baggage Claim Records.







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Kazakgascar Out of Hibernation


San Kazakgascar plays its first show in seven months on Saturday, April 8 at the Sacramento Bike Kitchen with Electric Baby Jesus and J Mick.  It’s SBK’s first 2nd Saturday fundraiser of the 2017 season.  Its’ free, all ages, and there is local brew on tap.  Kazakgascar starts things off at 7pm sharp.  More details at Facebook.

We’ve been laying low on shows to work on new music, although that has been moving pretty slow too.  I feel like some good ideas are marinating, though.  Please join us among the spokes and sprockets at the Bike Kitchen!

An interview I did with a Brazilian site last summer.

“Sour Creek” video!



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ALTO! Arrington de Dionyso Amy Reed


I’m drawn to artists that stretch boundaries and inspire me to hopefully do the same.  Over the last few years I’ve played shows and/or recorded with Northwesters ALTO! and Arrington de Dionyso.  When they told me they were coming through around Sacramento at the same time and wanted to play together, it was a no-brainer.  Along with local experimental guitarist Amy Reed, they will be playing at Gold Lion Arts on March 3, starting at 8pm sharp.  I will be sitting in with Arrington and drummer Ted Byrnes.  Read about my collaboration recording, Tired Minds Improvised, with him here.  More details about this show at Facebook.

Arrington is calling his tour This Saxophone Kills Fascists and is playing all over the country for the next two months.  Last year, ALTO! put our their excellent third album on Trouble in Mind Records.  Amy Reed will bring her deconstructed guitar treatment to the show.  Twisted times!






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deDionyso/Kazakgascar Solo – Tired Minds Improvised


This last summer I did some free-form recording with Arrington de Dionyso when I was visiting the Northwest.  The result is Tired Minds Improvsed.  I brought my gourd guitar and he switched between bass clarinet, saxophone, homemade bromiophones, and wooden flutes.  I was operating on limited sleep, but maybe that helped me get into a zone.  I locked into some minimal/droney guitar bits and Arrington played some inspired wailing.  His playing is as influenced by his tours in Indonesia as free jazz and punk – and probably plenty of other sources I’m unaware of.

The album is book-ended by two long drone pieces, with some skronky mischief in between.  Other than some reverb and snipping, there isn’t really any studio magic added to the session.  In editing it down, I never really got tired of it at any point, which is always a good sign.  My favorite piece is “Exit Drone.”  The album is available on CD on download at the link below.




Arrington DeDionyso is getting ready to set out on his “This Saxophone Kills Fascists”  tour.  For my local friends, he will be playing Sacramento on March 3 and I will be joining him on guitar.


Arrington warming up.

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Bafus/Brewer w/Ava Mendoza

bafusbrewer-jan31I’m playing a duo set with Jon Bafus on Tue, Jan 31, at a house show.  We are opening up for Brooklyn-based Ava Mendoza, who is touring her old stomping grounds on the West Coast.  She will be solo for this show, playing stuff that will be on her next album.  Check out her last album on John Zorn’s label, Tzadik.  Her playing can take many directions.  I remember seeing her with Carla Bozulich’s Evangelista years ago.



This is only the 2nd Bafus/Brewer tussle.  There is a good recording of our July performance below.  Jon is a gifted and passionate player and I look forward to playing with him again.  Admission includes a homemade personal pizza!  More details at Facebook.




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Bengal by the Bay


Hello Bay Area friends.  Swimming in Bengal will be playing the Luggage Store Gallery in San Francisco on Sept. 26 with Key West.  This is an Outsound Presents show and will be starting at 8pm sharp.  Mr. Timothy Orr will be sitting in with us.  More details at Facebook.

We will be bringing the LP and cassette versions of our new album, Garden of Idle Hands.  If you can’t make it to the show, you can order it through Baggage Claim Records, Lather Records, Revolver, or SS Mailorder.  Here is a recent review of the album from Raven Sings the Blues.

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