2 Bengal Shows – w/Dire Wolves + Sunwatchers


Swimming in Bengal is kicking off 2018 with two great shows:

Jan 20 at the Octopus Literary Salon in Oakland w/Dire Wolves.  7pm sharp

Jan 25 at Gold Lion Arts in Sacramento w/Sunwatchers and Invasive Species.  7:30pm

We’re excited to return to Oakland’s Octopus Literary Salon to play with some kindred spirit animals.  We’ll be joined by Bay-based Dire Wolves, who dig the deep heady grooves and I like to curl up in.  It’s an early show and you can join as after the Women’s March.  More details available at ze Facebook.


The following week we are back in Sacramento at Gold Lion Arts to play with the mighty Sunwatchers from NYC.  They combine a swirl of psychjam, drone, free jazz, and ethno art punk. They have a new album coming out on Trouble in Mind Records next month.  We’re also excited to be playing again with our buds Jon Bafus and Kevin Corcoran’s percussion duo, Invasive Species.  They don’t bust this out too often, so it’s always a treat.  More relevant specs at Facebook.

For this show, we have two guest percussionists joining Swimming in Bengal – Kishan Raj Kushal and Jay Nair.  In addition to this pair of shows, we are knee deep in messy editing notes trying to assemble the pieces that will make up the next Bengal album.

Get Swimming in Bengal recordings at: Baggage Claim Records, J&C Tapes, Lugubrious Audio, and Lather Records.





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A CoOp label for myself and my friends.
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