Swimming in Bengal is excited to play with Sir Richard Bishop again.  It goes down on May 1 at Gold Lion Arts in Sacramento.  Also on the bill is way out guitarist Bill Orcutt.  This show is an Outsound Presents deal, all ages, and starts early at 7:00 pm.  You can front-load at Masullo down the block.  More details at Facebook.

Bishop will be playing solo electric on this tour, as opposed to acoustic like when we had him in Sacramento a couple of years ago.  In fact, this will be the first show of his US tour, so he’ll be fresh with new strings, a fresh shave, the whole deal!  He doesn’t have a new album out that I’m aware of, but my guess is there will be some Tangier Session stuff and maybe an old Sun City Girls chestnut if we grovel enough.

Bill Orcutt hasn’t played in Sacramento in awhile, but his playing always challenges our brains as to what guitar playing is supposed to sound like.  I don’t have a clever description, so you are spared.

Swimming in Bengal will have copies of our latest LP, Garden of Idle Hands, on hand(s).  Check out this nice write up the album got in Dusted.  We’ll be playing some Bay Area and Northwest shows in the next few months.

Swimming in Bengal’s latest LP available at Baggage Claim Records.







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