deDionyso/Kazakgascar Solo – Tired Minds Improvised


This last summer I did some free-form recording with Arrington de Dionyso when I was visiting the Northwest.  The result is Tired Minds Improvsed.  I brought my gourd guitar and he switched between bass clarinet, saxophone, homemade bromiophones, and wooden flutes.  I was operating on limited sleep, but maybe that helped me get into a zone.  I locked into some minimal/droney guitar bits and Arrington played some inspired wailing.  His playing is as influenced by his tours in Indonesia as free jazz and punk – and probably plenty of other sources I’m unaware of.

The album is book-ended by two long drone pieces, with some skronky mischief in between.  Other than some reverb and snipping, there isn’t really any studio magic added to the session.  In editing it down, I never really got tired of it at any point, which is always a good sign.  My favorite piece is “Exit Drone.”  The album is available on CD on download at the link below.




Arrington DeDionyso is getting ready to set out on his “This Saxophone Kills Fascists”  tour.  For my local friends, he will be playing Sacramento on March 3 and I will be joining him on guitar.


Arrington warming up.

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