Swimming in Bengal – Garden of Idle Hands

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Swimming in Bengal’s new album, Garden of Idle Hands, is finally out!  In July 2015 we spent a couple nights recording open ended pieces while the Berryessa fire turned the sky orange.  It took us awhile to settle on the parts we liked and trim off the fatty bits.  This is also when Rusi Gustafson joined Bengal as the regular percussionist.  One of the songs, “Locusts”, features drummer Dax Compise.

The album requires patience.  It’s a slow-burner that starts out lean and narrow and eventually gets thick and juicy in the middle.  Garden of Idle Hands is not on Lather Records.  The vinyl LP is being released on Mike Trouchon’s new label, Baggage Claim.  Please “claim your baggage” by emailing here: baggageclaimrecords@gmail.com   There is also a short-run of cassettes of the album being released by UK label Lugubious Audio.  Order your tape here.  Both versions are beautifully packaged, with letter press assistance on the LP from Michael Geminder at Delta Press.



You can also pick up a copy of the new album in person at our show on Nov. 14 at Luna’s Cafe.  Joining Bengal on the bill is Ross Hammond.  More details at ze Facebook.

Previous recordings, Vol. 1 and Ashes For Gwynn, can still be had at Lather Records.  Copies of Insomnia Village are all gone, but you can download it at J&C Tapes’ site.

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