Selector Dub Narcotic – Pets – San Kazakgascar


San Kazakgascar is playing an early show (6:30pm) with iconic K Records founder Calvin Johnson at Third Space Art Collective in Davis on Sunday, September 18.  He brings his Selector Dub Narcotic project this time around.  Pets are also on the bill and the show is all ages.  More details at Facebook.

You probably already know that Calvin founded the seminal K Records label in Olympia, WA in 1982, and has helped with the early releases of folks like Beck and Modest Mouse, as well as his own bands such as Beat Happening and the Halo Benders.  It’s safe to say he’s a lifer.  His new music with Selector Dub Narcotic is party-forward fun. Check out the video down below.  When he’s not touring old school sans cell phone on Amtrak, he’s answering these questions:


You’ve done a number of different kinds of music projects.  What is the concept and inspiration for Selector Dub Narcotic?

It’s an old industry chestnut, but “it’s got a good beat, you can dance to it”; that is a standard to which I aspire.

Do you have any favorite dancers that inform your own moves?

Debbie Watson doing “The Tantrum” on The Cool Ones (1967).

Has touring on Amtrak been your MO for awhile, or is that a new thing?

Since 2007. It’s dreamy.


Selector Dub Narcotic

Selector Dub Narcotic or Eric Janssen?

What’s the most awkward encounter you’ve had on a recent tour?

Trying to board the Mega Bus from Atlanta to Nashville but forgot to print out my confirmation.  Attempting to milk the on-board wi-fi while standing on the sidewalk while everyone else is loading up.  It was 98 degrees.  It all worked out in the end.

Do people ever call out for “Redhead Walking” at Selector Dub Narcotic shows?


I love the Internet, but I miss some of the mystery of pre-Internet music.  Any grizzled musings on this?

Oh well, that’s show biz.


While down in the YouTube rabbit hole (you should probably be pruning vines or mulching right now), check out the brand new San Kazakgascar video by Aaron Zeff and a glimpse into Pets’ party lifestyle:





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