Kazakgascar Mutation for Davis Show


San Kazakgascar plays The Third Space Art Collective in Davis on Friday, February 19 with Grex and Wodewose.  The current Kazakgascar line-up gives us lots of options and for this show Tony Passarell is moving over from sax/keys to drums since Robert is out of town.  Kazakgascar has a new EP that’s almost done and we’ll be playing those songs.  At least some version of them.  We recently dusted off the old chestnut “Reign of Yans.”  We play first at 8pm.

We’re playing with our Oakland friends Grex.  Led by the Evangalistas, Karl and Rei, they do a lot with dynamic twists and nuance.  The two times I’ve seen them have been pretty different and I suspect this will be case on Friday too.  Also playing are Davis punishers Wodewose, who seem like they’ve got a little jolt of Lightning Bolt in them.

Check out some Grex tunes.  Listen to Wodewose’s live KDVS piece.


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