Navel Gazing in the New Year


Like many things, creating music goes in cycles for me.  Sometimes I hit a little bit of what pitchers in baseball call a “dead arm period.”  In recent years, I’ve started thinking of this more like a farmer though.  You have to let fields lay fallow for awhile to rejuvenate the soil.  My harvest season seems to be spring and summer these days, which makes sense when working on a teacher’s schedule.  Or maybe this is just a load of crap and shit happens when it happens…?  So yeah, fall 2015 was fallow and I’m happy for it.  I think the thing that might define 2015 for me is it being the year I went deep into my relationship with red lentil soup.

Whatever the case, the early months of 2016 are already looking exciting.  San Kazakgascar just started recording a new batch of songs with the updated Brewer-Hain-Hall-Kennedy-Passarell line-up.  Group Coma is the working title as of this exact second.  Kazakgascar plays Sacramento’s esteemed Crocker Museum on January 14 for the monthly Art Mix series.  Preview in the SNR.



Rusi loaded up on potassium for the Swimming in Bengal session.

Swimming in Bengal recorded in the summer during the big Berryessa fire.  We’ve been chipping away at the editing process and are very close to finishing the album.  We’re hoping to release it in LP form.  The Bengal Boyz will be playing on opening set for a screening of Jason and the Argonauts at the Crest Theater in Sacramento on February 28.

In the meantime, there is the free live Bengal download called Ashes For Gwynn and the a track called “The Twisted Manzanita” on J&C Tapes end of the year compilation.   There is also a new proper Bengal website.

Harvester is still going to play some shows this year.  We might even work on some new songs for a 2025 release!  Harvester feature in the SNR.



Harvester – Aug 2015.  Sometimes I just need to kick Sean around a little.  Pic. by Greg Hain.



That time I got to play in Sonic Youth.


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