The Spiral Electric ~ Vasas ~ San Kazakgsacar ~~ Nov 6~~Davis


San Kazakgascar plays with The Spiral Electric (SF) and Vasas at the Third Space Art Collective in Davis on Nov. 6 @7:30pm.  It is a KDVS Presents deal and is all ages.  It’s been awhile since Kazakgascar has played Davis.  The last time it did, the Davis Enterprise wrote a feature on the band.  More details at Facebook.  Kazakgascar will have copies of the First Nation Spy 7″ for sale.  The band has played with Vasas before and I thought it would be fun to ask Aaron Zeff a few questions about what Sacramento’s jewel of a band has been up to.

Andy of Vasas psyching out.

Andy of Vasas psyching out.

1. Is the band really named after a Hungarian sports club?
Vasas is not named after a Hungarian sports club, we’re named after a Swedish boat.  Or we, forgot how to spell vases.
2. Vasas released a 7″ EP this year.  Is there a full-length in the works?
Full length is in the works; we’ve been recording a bunch, mainly an issue of picking stuff we like and “producing” it.
3. Vasas has a classic psychedelic pop sound.  What influence(s) of yours would be a surprise to a Vasas groupie?
Surprise influences? People might be surprised by how much Can I listen to givin that Vasas doesn’t really groove that way.  I know Andy really likes Jean-Michel Jarre, maybe a surprise there.
4. What non-musical things impact the Vasas song-making trajectory?
Sometimes when we record we have a VHS player with a nature video or something playing in the background.  Pablo usually shows up to practice and/or recording sessions straight off the soccer field, so his smell makes a big impact.
5. How did your tour junkets go this last summer?
We got to play with some really great bands! We got the run-around a little in LA, but for the most part we had a blast at our shows.  Total Fest in Missoula was a real eye opener for how a local festival could really mean something to the community and function well for all the bands.  It was cool and affordable for everyone in town to go, the bands go paid well and there was no cheesy fire dancing or dust clouds.
Vasas guitarist Pablo with some post-soccer practice yogurt inspiration.

Vasas guitarist Pablo with some post-soccer practice yogurt inspiration.


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