San Kazakgascar’s – First Nation Spy single


San Kazakgascar has a new 7″ single called “First Nation Spy” with “Last Man Standing” on the B side.  We thought it wasn’t going to be pressed for a few months….but now it’s here!  The recording is our first without singing.  Even before Takushi left, we had decided to attempt a soundtrack-y approach.  “FNS” is a spy thriller tune, while “LMS” is slow building, minimalist tribute to the enduring tenacity of the cockroach.  There are only 220 pressed and you can now order it from Lather Records.  Hear a short clip of “First Nation Spy” below.

Sacramento-area people can pick up a copy at our show this Saturday, Feb 28 at the Starlite Lounge.  We are playing a great bill with Drive-Thru Mystics, Father Howl, and VasasMad Alchemy will be running a liquid light show and Tim Matranga will be spinning the between band boogie.  Capt. Facebook has more details.

San Kazakgascar’s line up has become more fluid in the last year.  Chris Hall has joined us on saxophone and youngblood Robert Kennedy is now playing drums.  Tony Passarell is now the secret weapon, moving around between organ, sax, percussion, and who knows what else?


About latherrecords

A CoOp label for myself and my friends.
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