Magik Markers + Religious Girls + San Kazakgascar


San Kazakgascar is playing a great show on July 24 at Witch Room in Sacramento with East Coast/Drag City’s Magik Markers and Oakland’s Religious Girls.  What I like about this bill is that all three bands are prickly in their own way.  Chris Hall will be sitting in with Kazakgascar to add an extra layer of drone gravy as we continue to sculpt our new instrumentals in public.  More details at the Facebook

I recently asked Nick from Religious Girls a few questions about the gals.

Religious Girls lose their shit.

Religious Girls lose their shit.

1. When I saw Religious Girls years ago there was more percussion and less synth. How and why did RG go in a more electronic direction?

We had a line up change and some of our older synths couldn’t handle the road, so we decided to let the band evolve in it’s natural way. We don’t think the band got any less percussive, just had some vintage synths die, so with getting new synths came a whole new world of options and sounds to explore.

2. What non-musical things color Religious Girls’ music?

Probably our charming personalities, cats, teen angst, acid flashbacks with a Malibu backdrop.

3. As Oakland rent continues to get climb, are you guys having a hard time keeping up? What will be the next local that musicians move to for cheaper rent? Is Benicia a possibility?

We actually are all fortunate enough to have pretty affordable rent. I think even with the flux we will find ways to make Oakland work for us, but we haven’t really had that problem yet. Not sure where musicians will go to get freaky on the cheap side, probably Pleasanton.

4. What’s the funniest misunderstanding you’ve encountered regarding your band name?

Nothing really too funny just a lot of literal examples, we’ve showed up to shows where the promoter expected us all to be girls or I think one time we got asked to play an all girl group fest and then got dropped. Sometimes when people are making flyers they will use crosses in our name, but we don’t really like to affiliate with any kind of religious imagery. Also, one time in a very small town in Louisiana we played to what was basically all religious girls and they raged harder than any crowd we have played to and then their parents all came and picked them up. I wonder what they told their parents, maybe they said it was youth group or a prayer meeting, it kinda was.



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