Swimming in Bengal CD Release Show

flier.may2Swimming in Bengal is releasing its Vol. 1 CD this week and also making a rare live appearance.  The CD features three long improvised pieces recorded last summer in one session.  We had a computer mishap and lost the recording for awhile, but it has risen from the hard drive ashes to stretch its beautiful wings and fly through your brain.  The CD comes in a handsome sleeve with art printed by a century-old letter press.  If you can’t come to the show, you can order the CD at Lather Records and Sacto yocals can pick it up at PhonoSelect.  One of the pieces is called “Walking Alone” and you can listen here:


The show is Friday, May 2 at Luigi’s in Sacramento, with ALTO! and Buk Buk Big Ups.  ALTO! played here last summer and were fanfuckingtastic.  The band features guitarist Derek Monypeny of Oaxacan and Richard Bishop fame, along with drummers Steven Stone and Kyle Emory.  The best way I can describe it as a very rhythmic, experimental dance party.  Locals Buk Buk Big Ups is Aaron Zeff’s always changing mischievous mystery tour.   This show will be a beautiful mess.  Don’t sleep on it, mon.   Facebook Invite



About latherrecords

A CoOp label for myself and my friends.
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