Summer Sessions, Man!!

The Hain always rocks the flip-flops in the summer.

The Hain always rocks the flip-flops in the summer.

This is the first spring/summer stretch in recent years where I’m not playing at any of the events and festivals that crowd the calendar in the valley’s many warm months.  While I’ll miss playing those kind of shows this year, I’m excited about a few recording projects that are materializing.

While San Kazakgascar is currently without a full-time drummer, we are diving into recordings some new music.  We’ll be taking over House of Hain as we did last summer, when we recorded the Drought Times EP.  We are altering our approach a bit.  Think longer and less structured.   Anyways, I don’t want to give away too much, but I’m excited about where it’s going to go.  Here’s a nice write-up of the last EP in UK Terrascope.

My improvisational trio, Swimming in Bengal, is also going to burrow into this summer’s easy bake oven and see if we can’t find some magic moments.  I like playing with these guys because they are improv assassins and push me out of my comfort zone.  Here’s our show from a couple of months ago:

Also……. Harvester is finally going to release its “lost” album, Mt. Tallac.  We essentially finished it a few years ago, but with our spread out geography, 40-something responsibilities, and all of our other bands, it’s been kind of just hanging out.  We recorded quite a few songs, but have narrowed it down to eight.  We’re shooting for more focus and less sprawl.  Sean wrote some great songs for this.  Here is a preview of one of my favorites:

It should be out in a couple of months.  I hope you all have a fine summer!   -Jed

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