Kazakgascar Video Vault

Here is a collection of San Kazakgascar videos, old and new.  This live clip of “Woolly Mammoth in the Room” is from a show in November, 2012.  The audio is taken from the board, so the vocals are a bit high for my taste/ego.



Next is the video Sarah Wissenback made for our song “Mosquitoes and Gnats”.  The audio is a bit raw because it was taken from a live performance on KDVS when we were just a trio.  That’s also why Woo is playing tambourine instead of clarinet in the video.



Below is a clip of us playing “All Tomorrow’s Parties” at a Velvet Underground tribute show.  Woo on lead vocals!  There is also a clip of us playing “Venus in Furs.” 



In 2010 Takushi and I made an alien video for “The Concrete Dune.”  Bathtub toast?  VW bus?  Noodle dancing?  It’s all there!



Going back to Easter Sunday, 2008, is a clip of SK playing “Wink Eye, Stink Eye” at the Makeout Room in San Francisco.



Some fan of obscure psychedelia recently put up this still video for “The Switchbacks Are Crumbling” from my San(S) Kazakgascar Solo EP.  There is a full band version of the song on our latest Drought Times EP.



About latherrecords

A CoOp label for myself and my friends.
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