Rangda, Orcutt, and San Kazakgascar Say Bye to the Vest.


Sacramento has endured a slow period for weirdo touring bands, but gets a reprieve on Sunday, February 24.  Headliners Rangda feature guitarist Sir Richard Bishop of seminal art punks Sun City Girls, guitarist Ben Chasny of prolific psych act Six Organs of Admittance, and drummer Chris Corsano, who has collaborated with countless projects.  Rangda builds instrumentals that bare some resemblance to the players’ other bands –  sometimes weaving spidery lines, other times becoming a beautiful tangled mess.

Listen: Rangda – “Majnun”



Also playing is Bill Orcutt.  His unique style of guitar playing is practically impossible to describe, at least for me.  The Internet provides many crutches, however, and this is my favorite description – “Violence is a necessary consequence of his mastery, and his caps-locked guitar fits beautifully with his speaking-in-tongues vocal style that shapes and reshapes with inarticulate eloquence.” This was from a review in The Esoterrorist   I played on a bill with Bill about two years ago and look forward to wrapping my head around his picking again.  He has collaborated with Chris Corsano before and there is a good chance that might happen on this evening.



This show will be San Kazakgascar’s last with Paul Takushi on drums.  Sometimes middle age doesn’t lead one to the camaro dealership, but instead to musical theater.  We wish Paul good luck in his new endeavor as we bid farewell to the famous vest.  We’re not sure what form San Kazakgascar will take after the show…..stay tuned!  We still have copies of our recently released Drought Times EP.  Here is a review on the Psychedelic Obscurities blog.  Listen to “Crispy Lords.”

The show is at the recently remodeled Luigi’s Fun Garden in Sacramento, all ages, and costs $10.  Early start time at 7:30pmFacebook link.

Takushi's last stand!  The vest will be retired with honor.

Takushi’s last stand! The vest will be retired with honor.

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