San Kazakgascar – Drought Times EP

This last summer San Kazakgascar recorded four new songs at Hain’s house.  The Kazzers toiled somewhat, trying to find frequencies for all five instruments to snuggle together in the songs.   But snuggle they did and Hain no longer has cords and wires running through his bathroom.

It really doesn’t get any more rock n roll than seeing someone record clarinet in a living room.

The Drought Times EP features the sitar-sounding “gourd guitar” on “Crispy Lords” and “The Switchbacks Are Crumbling.”  “Vasily’s” chug gives a nod to Eastern Europe and “Rain Dance For the Idiots” is probably their fastest, clamoring song yet.

Listen to the new recording on San Kazakgascar’s Bandcamp site.  It can also be ordered from Lather Records.  Or come and pick up the real thing in person on Saturday, November 3 when San Kazakgascar plays at Luigi’s in Sacramento with Knock Knock and Nacho Business.  Speaking of Knock Knock, they will have their new disc We Will Raise Your Child at the show as well.  8:30pm  $6

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A CoOp label for myself and my friends.
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