Friday the 13th: Grave Times

This Friday, July 13, we have a 3 band pile-up of old friends at the Java Lounge in Sacramento.  San Francisco’s Graves Bros. Deluxe, San Kazakgascar, and Jem & Scout will come together to party like it’s 1989.  Leave the Law & Order reruns at home and join us in splendid holy war!  8pm, only $6, all ages, beer/coffee/goodies/etc.
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While the Graves Bros. Deluxe maintain a relatively obscure profile, they’ve managed to do some globe trotting.  I asked main Grave Brother,  Stoo Odom, a few questions about their most recent trip to post tsunami/nuke meltdown Japan.

Was there a tangible difference in the vibe in Japan from when you had been there before? 

Definitely. Japan maintains a surface air of innocence, and it’s been eroded. The darkness underneath has always been there, but it shows through much more now. Some joke about the radiation fatalistically, others are stridently activist now.

Any highlights/lowlights of note?

The highlights were definitely the Osaka shows. We owe our lives to King Brothers, Watusi Zombie, and N’Shukugawa Boys. Look them up.  Lowlights? Every now and then our big white asses are shoved into some tight quarters.

Of the countries GBDX have played, what is your favorite and why?

At the risk of offending Japan, Mexico, Spain, France, and the Czech Republic… the USA. Can’t beat it for diversity of people and landscape, and the great meditative marathon drives.

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