San Kazakgascar at Davis Music Festival

Whether we want to admit it or not, San Kazakgascar’s links to Davis are undying.  While Takushi is our only Davis resident, all five of us went to school there.  So it’s fitting that we open our summer of Davis-centric dates with a spot at the Davis Music Festival on Saturday, June 23.  This is just the 2nd year for the festival, which donates the profits to the Davis Schools Art Foundation.  Kazakgascar plays on the deck at Sophia’s Thai Kitchen at 5pm.  Check here for to view the full slate of bands.

In other news San Kazakgascar has just begun to record an EP.  We’re going home brew style on this one, as Hain has pulled us into his beautiful tangle of cords and mics.  That’s right – House of Hain Recording.  We should have it completed at the end of the summer.  This will be our first recording that includes John Cypher-delic.

Hain dialing in Takushi’s drums.


About latherrecords

A CoOp label for myself and my friends.
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One Response to San Kazakgascar at Davis Music Festival

  1. Pete Lohstroh says:

    Fantastic! Reverse-outsourced third world indie rock is my favorite. If only you could somehow incorporate a tambourine playing cynomologous macaque wearing denim trousers and a leather vest!!! I wish you tremendous luck on your new venture. No mistake, no errors!

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