Summer Sale!

In getting ready for baby Ruby this summer I’ve been doing lots of reorganizing.  I started in the dark corners of my unfinished basement and after a few days working there decided to see if anyone would be interested in a summer sale bundle deal.  By doing this I thought maybe I could open up a little basement space and make a little scratch to help with our travel expenses to pick up lil’ Ruby.

So here’s the offer: You can get any three Jed band titles for only $10 postage paid. That’s 12 different albums between San Kazakgascar, Carquinez Straits, Harvester, and Thornucopia.  I can’t offer any non-Jed band titles, because the other bands paid for their projects.  I’m not going to change the Pay Pal buttons, so what you do is click on one of the albums you want at the Lather Catalog and buy it like you normally would, but also email me at latherrecords at yahoo (dot) com with your three choices and I’ll include all of them in your  package.  Of course, if you prefer to pay by check, just mail me your order.

It’s not too late to find your “summer album” nor too early to find stocking stuffers for the music nerd in your life.  Below are the available album titles, along with songs from them that you can stream to get a little taste.  Thanks for shopping at the Lather Summer Sale.

San Kazakgascar – Idle Ships   Listen to “Woolly Mammoth” and “Honey Bee Plague”

San Kazakgascar – Greetings From Beautiful…  Listen to “Dallas via Damascus”

Carquinez Straits – Humiliation Jacket  Listen to “Harlequin Davidson” & “Sturdy Like an Eggshell”

Carquinez Straits – Where The Freeways Arc Over The Burnt Edges  Listen to “Not Even Storms” and “Amazing Mystery Man”

Carquinez Straits – The Flat Earth Just Got Flatter  Listen to “Anderson Valley” & “Oatmeal Stout Man”

Harvester – Annoying the Waitress  Listen to “Train Jangle” & “Her Morning”

Harvester – Kentucky Fried Roberta Bus  Listen to “Poor Man’s Lucrative Bible”

Harvester – Mud Is My Ally  Listen to “GE Softlight Canon” & “Mountains to the East”

Harvester – Camper Van Landingham  Listen to “The Year It Was Dry”

Harvester – Congratulations on Your Nudity EP  Listen to “Lassen”

Harvester – Me Climb Mountain  Listen to “She Don’t Mind That” & “Great Springwaters of America”

Thornucopia – Dry July  Listen to “Norton” & “Dry July”

About latherrecords

A CoOp label for myself and my friends.
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