Psychedelic Summer Now

San Kazakgascar kicks off the summer by playing a show with Art Lessing & The Flower Vato at Luigi’s Fun Garden on Friday, June 24.  We’ve got some new songs and our new electric violin player John Cypher.  We’re going to make things a little interesting this night.  After each band plays a set, we’re going to combine forces (all nine of us) for an improv. psychedelic thunderstorm.  Video and lights will be involved.  There will be tripping over each others’ cables and maybe even a little wrestling.  Won’t you be part of this mess?

A video flier by Dan Q.

Cypher's first show with Kazakgascar last month.

Fri, June 24 at Luigi’s Fun Garden, 1050 20th St., Sacramento   8:30 pm, only $5, all ages.

About latherrecords

A CoOp label for myself and my friends.
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1 Response to Psychedelic Summer Now

  1. jeff yih says:

    woah! John Cypher in your band. That’s crazy. Glad to know cypher is kicking around still.

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