San(s) Kazakgascar Solo w/Orcutt and Monypeny – March 24

I’ll be doing a San(S) Kazakgascar Solo improv. set this Thursday, March 24 at the Hub.  I doubt that I’ll be doing any songs of the Crotch of the Gorge EP.  I have an idea for an Eastern piece that I’m going to dive into.  Will my recent roller coaster of insomnia affect its shapes and vibe?  Probably!  By the way, I’m digging this recent blast of late winter weather.  I’m going to ride it straight into the fire of 90 degree days we’ll be certain to have within a few weeks.

Headlining this bill is Bill Orcutt, who blew minds in the 90s with experimental band Harry Pussy.  He now plays solo acoustic, roughly residing in the more outsider edge of the camp some have dubbed “American Primitivism.” Orcutt knocks down the building blocks and re stacks them in a way you never thought possible.  Read an interview with him in Pitchfork.

Bill Orcutt: Healthy elimination and twisted guitar playing are not mutually exclusive.

Derek Monypeny is known for his work with Oaxacan, DMPH, and backing up Sir Richard Bishop.  Both groups pushed the improv/soundscape envelope, led by his guitar playing.  Now Monypeny has a new LP of Eastern oud playing called Don’t Bring Me Down, Bruce.  I’ve been listening to this sparse, meditative recording for the past few months.  It has helped set me right many an early morning.

Keep midtown janky: Thurs. 3/24 – The Hub in Sacramento – 8:30pm    $5

Official Facebook Invitation

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