Not Your Dad’s Dad Rock: Killed by Bears Update

Even before he became a dad, Killed by Bears’ Ryan Martin wasn’t rushing out the door to the nearest Stumptown Coffee to talk up his band to Mr. Skinny Jeans.  The Portland, OR songwriter has been writing songs for himself and band mates, playing out live only once in a long while.  Formed out of the ashes of the more folky Dearest, Crown, Killed by Bears released a great self-titled album on Lather Records in 2007.  The album featured a colorful and heady mix of folk/twang and power pop.

Ryan, along with bassist Todd Steinberg and drummer Ario Lynch, have a new batch of songs on tape and just need do finish things up in their Fort Lexington bunker.  He says, “The newer songs feel more connected. They are all up-tempo, pop, too many chords, less serious, more rock. I’m not sure that I even used an acoustic guitar.”  Working titles include “Wrong Highway” and “Desert Inn.”  No word on when these frequencies will be bouncing off sattelites and into your computer.  For now you can listen to songs from their first album on their site.


About latherrecords

A CoOp label for myself and my friends.
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