San(S) Kazakgascar Solo w/Arrington de Dionysio’s Malaikat dan Singa

I’m excited about a show I’m doing at the Hub this Saturday, Oct. 16.  I’m doing one of my San(S) Kazakgascar Solo shows.  But it’s semi-solo.  Andy Morin will be joining me on percusssion.  I’ve been working on a recording with him and will be doing a couple of songs from that session plus some scary improv.  The main course this Saturday, however, is Arrington de Dionysio’s Malaikat dan Singa.  He’s the Olympia dude from Old Time Relijun and now he’s doing this jacked up art punk/singing in Indonesian thing.  Also on the bill is Sacto’s new artpunk party pants band, Buk Buk Bigups.  8:30pm and only $5.  KDVS Presents!

There is another good show in Sacramento this Saturday featuring some of the guys from Thin White RopeGraves Bros Deluxe (w/Stoo Odom), Doc Holler (w/Guy Kyser and Roger Kunkel), and Jem & Scout are playing Old Ironsides. 9:30pm, $7.


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