Tusk Time

So I’m going to try the blog format as a way to broadcast Lather-related things, both current and vintage.  Obviously, there will be the full-court press on things like upcoming shows and releases.  There might also be unearthing of things like video clips from the good old days.  And maybe jokes.  I’m not really sure exactly how much I’m going to do with this.  Grab ahold of the Lather tusk by subscribing. 

For now I’ll start by mentioning an upcoming show.  San Kazakgascar was supposed to play a Velvet Underground tribute show at Old Ironsides on September 24, but apparently too many of midtown’s Lous called in sick.  But Lou’s loss is our collective gain, because now there will be a set up SK originals to hear.  Joining the Kaz Kids will be the reinvigorated (by procreation?) Universal Steve and David Houston w/Strings.  9pm.  Oldsters unite!

Lou Reed taking a "sick day" with a state worker on furlough Friday.

About latherrecords

A CoOp label for myself and my friends.
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1 Response to Tusk Time

  1. markweiss86 says:

    I started my blog around the same time. I’ve probably driven to Sac for shows about ten times in 25 years, fewer now that I am middle aged — the accident on the way to the Curbfeelers matinee was not my fault — a drunk driver hit me.

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